Black Entertainment Comedy Awards 2005

UK’s Top Black Comedy Awards (BECA) 2005

This years will mark the 6th Black Entertainment Comedy Awards show and it is scheduled for 12th November 2005, at The Broadway Theatre – Catford.

In further developments, BECA this year will be working alongside the ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) to further the awareness of this charity and will make a charitable donation from profits of the show.

Trevor Walters of Tharmm Equest and Carlton Thomas of Da Comedy Room Ltd states,

“We are committed in given recognition for the achievement of Black comedians and comediennes in the UK. These comedic entertainers have made enormous contributions to the entire entertainment industry so we should celebrity their successes and reward their accomplishments.”

“We value the reputation and the importance of having an award such as this, and with the strategic implementation of key business partners working to develop this event it will no doubt be viewed by the critics as a truly National Comedy Award for the UK Comedy Industry in years to come.”

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