Hew Locke design for London Underground map – out now!

Tube Map Design by Hew Locke

Hew Locke’s design is next in the series of London Underground tube map covers

Pick one up free from a tube station now!

His design Tunnel Vision is a life-size mask made from cord glued together to mimic the Tube lines. His own, all-seeing eye, glares blackened from the centre. It is a surreal image, reminiscent of charms to ward off the Evil Eye. It is life-size so that the map can be held up to one’s face to form a mask, both playful and sinister.

London is one of the most surveilled cities in the world, with the Underground having up to 11,000 CCTV cameras. Big Brother is watching you on the tube – or rather – we have all had to become Big Brother, monitoring each other is our daily norm. And yet we do not live in fear; the Underground system continues to carry us to our fun.

London Tube Map

This was a chance for Locke to be part of the admired tradition of graphic arts associated with the London Underground. His design is intentionally reminiscent of those WW2 posters – “Careless Talk Costs Lives!”

Watch this 2 minute film of Locke talking about this work

For more information visit www.hewlocke.net