International Women’s Day 2013 Exhibition

Fiona Compton Photography

Celebration of St.Lucian Women in Art – Exhibition

For International Women’s Day 2013 Photographer Fiona Compton exhibited alongside 4 other female St.Lucian artists in London.

The fellow exhibitors included photographers Dani Deveaux, and Frederique Rapier, painter Shay Cozier and filmmaker Davina Lee.

The event was well attended and inspirational and the short video below showcases some great Caribbean art, and excerpts from the film ‘The Coming of Org’ Directed by Davina Lee and based on short stories by John Robert Lee.

Fiona Compton Past Works
Portrait of a Caribbean flower captures the sheer beauty of this region. Portrait of a Caribbean flower celebrates two of the Caribbean’s most precious elements.
Fiona Compton Calendar
Find out more and have a look at the link to see a slideshow of the images.

International Women’s Day 2013 Exhibition
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