Daniel De-Gale 1987 – 2008

Daniel ‘Playzo’ De-Gale

Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis of the ACLT regret to announce the death on Wednesday 8th October 2008, of their son Daniel De-Gale, aged 21 (born 14th March 1987).

Daniel a former Leukaemia sufferer who was diagnosed with the condition in April 1993 won his battle against Leukaemia when on 16th June 1999 at the age of 12 he received a bone marrow transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Daniel was in remission but however, due to complications with his health that led to multiple organ failure he died in hospital surrounded by his family.

Beverley says: “We are very grateful for all the love, support, kindness, generosity, dedications and concern that you all have shown for our beautiful son. However, we ask that you please do not send us any flowers but instead continue to support the charity as this is what Daniel would have wanted, so that we can keep helping to give others the gift of life.”

The ACLT was set up 12 years ago to encourage ethnic minorities and those from mixed race communities to register as bone marrow donors as there are worryingly less than 3% of potential ethnic minority donors on the UK Bone Marrow Register, despite the prevalence of leukaemia amongst these groups. In real life terms the odds of finding a bone marrow match are a staggering 1 in 100,000 if you’re black or mixed race compared to about 1 in 5 if you’re white, underlying the overwhelming odds faced by those in the UK suffering from leukaemia.

Colin Salmon, patron for the charity and family friend commented: “This beautiful boy inspired so many of us and we will continue to illuminate the path, with his light, so others may be guided to safety. In this life there are those sent to us to manifest wisdom, action and bring joy, Daniel was one of those spirits. The pain we are all feeling right now reflects the love he generated in so many of us. Not a love of celebrity, or fame but a love of life and ultimately this gift of life we have all been given. Beautiful Daniel De-Gale, it has been an honour and the purest of pleasures to know you and call you a friend. Peace.”

However if you would really like to support the charity and Daniel’s wishes please consider attending the next registration drive the details are as follows: Satuday 18th October 2008 Time 11.00am – 4.30pm Barclays Bank Edgware 126 Station Road Edgware HA8 7RY

Recruiting bone marrow donors between 18 – 49 years (staying on the register until 60th birthday)

a small blood sample will be taken from each person registering.
– Recruiting new blood donors between 17 – 60 years
– You must weigh at least 8st (52kgs)

Please come along to one of the presentations so that we can completely blow away your fears, misconceptions and the overall ignorance of a very simple donation process which could potentially save a life!

Daniel De-Gale 14th March 1987 – 8th October 2008