Black Bright News – New magazine for Black readers

New Quarterly magazine for Black readers

Launch Date – 19 May 2006 Luton’s Lending Library @ 7:00pm in collaboration with Art’s Own Gallery Limited.

Blackbright News will be a quarterly subliminal learning publication, which will report on the brighter and lighter side of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) life in Luton. Blackbright News will contain feature articles; a guidance on relationships; a “Where to Pray”, a “Where to Learn” and a “Where to Rave” Section. It will contain topics on heritage, cultural identity, self-awareness and self-esteem.

There will also be a section on how to create strong family ties, the role image and presentation plays in the workplace, and ‘How I changed for the better!” Blackbright News will offer spiritual insight and teachings, a “what to buy, where and why” (does your spending fit your pocket?) and for the bewildered, there will be an “Ask for Advice” on relationships, property, saving and debt management (how to save for a rainy day, when it rains every day(!), and a ‘Men Only’ column.
Blackbright News wants to know about your dreams, your aspirations, goals and ambitions.

Help us to inform other BME’s how to pool resources in order to make us more productive and financially lucrative with your knowledge of finance, law, business acumen and property expertise (information which can be acquired regionally and nationally!!). We would like tips on how to improve relationships amongst ourselves and any articles, poems or short stories on music, sports, the arts and hair care. Parents, let us know about how well your children are doing in school/college/work or career. Teenagers – if you feel you deserve recognition for doing something (no matter how small), then share it with us. Men, write about what you want to see in a magazine that reflects your ideals, dreams and ambitions; Minorities and dual-cultured Luton-ites, teach us about the positive aspects of your unique culture so that there is a better understanding between races; – if you have made a change for the better, we want to know about it!. We want suggestions on how we can improve our community and ourselves. We need answers and ways to resolve! If you have something ‘bright’ to say, or can contribute something that has a bright ending, then email it to the Chief Editor at

Blackbright News intends to cover a gamut of exciting topics over the next twelve months, designed to inspire, motivate and highlight the lives of “ordinary” people in Luton who read the publication, and will recognise the best contributor at an Award Ceremony at the end of the year! This could be you! It is so important for Black Britain to seek ways to appreciate and embrace their heritage and culture and build on their innate talents. With the support of Blackbright news, and by pooling local resources regardless of race, this can be achieved.

Blackbright News is calling for volunteer layout artists/typesetters; university and college graduates studying Media Arts/Media Studies (particularly journalism, marketing and advertising, photography; desktop publishing and web design) and volunteers to undertake accountancy/book-keeping, database management all of whom are willing to dedicate 2-3 days a month. Volunteer graphic artists, we need you illustrate topics where photos fail! Graduates could use this opportunity as work experience to be added to their portfolio. We are also looking for British volunteers who speak Urdu, Gujarati, and Tamil, Telugu to interview the Asian community.

Subscriptions: The first issue is free, but f you don’t want to miss an issue, then subscriptions are only £6 per year – please send cheque/postal order made payable to Art’s Own Gallery Limited to Studio 57 Saywell Road Luton LU2 0QG.
Businesses: This is great opportunity to advertise your business or your products to BME’s in Luton. Call to find out about our competitive advertising rates (Introductory price is £75 1 insert; £60 2 inserts and £50 4 inserts).

Funders – this really is a worthwhile initiative and it stands apart from anything that has been proposed for Luton. Please contact the Chief Editor if you feel we can help each other nourish and inspire a disadvantaged community.

Contributions: This is a voluntary magazine so any contributions would be welcome. Please make cheques payable to Art’s Own Gallery Limited.

Want to be a part of this new initiative? Please email:, or leave your name and number on 01582 721 605 to discuss how we can work together.

Thanks goes to UnLtd, Fiona Marriott (Luton Library), Business Link, NFEA, NES, Bedfordshire & Luton Enterprise Agency, Luton At Large, Blackatan, Chiltern Radio and BBC 3 Counties, volunteers and contributors for their support.

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